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Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap From Frank Leder

by Joseph
Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap

Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap

The two concepts of “sausage” and “soap” probably exist at two wholly separate points in your mind—after all, when was the last time you felt clean after chowing down on sausage? But they say conflict is the essence of all meaning, and the pairing of sausage and hand soap might be an inspired one from Frank Leder, the maker of Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap.

I can’t personally vouch for the value of having hands that smell like Bavarian sausage, but the people at Frank Leder say that their Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap has a “Marjoram and black pepper fragrance,” which is a lot more intriguing than the usual “ocean breeze” or whatever scented soap is sitting on most bathroom counters as I type this.

If you agree, you can head over to the UNIONMADE online store here, where bottles of Frank Leder Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap are priced at $48 a (250ml) pop. That might seem a little pricy for hand soap, but that’s probably just because of how the sausage is made these days.

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