Home Entertainment Battlecade: “A Portable Gaming System for Two” (Video)

Battlecade: “A Portable Gaming System for Two” (Video)

by Joseph


Swedish designer Love Hultén has come up with a cool new way for two people to play video games against one another, inspired by the classic board game Battleship. Unfortunately, it’s just a concept for now, but the Battlecade is a very cool item just to look at even if you can’t buy one.

The (for now) one-of-a-kind Battlecade comes inside a case crafted from American walnut, and inside there are removable joysticks, two 12-inch LCD monitors (facing in opposite directions), and a wide array of classic arcade games. It’s a simple twist on the traditional portable arcade cabinet, and one that could make a pretty cool gift if it ever sees production.

For now, though, you can just watch a brief video featuring Battlecade below. And to get a lot more information on Battlecade, head over to the product’s listing at the Love Hultén site right here.

Here’s the video:

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