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‘Battle of the Sexes’: True Tennis Story Gets Trailer

by Joseph
Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

I can’t imagine why this would be, but for some reason the exploits of a shameless misogynistic con artist seem to have some resonance in the 2017 zeitgeist. I’m talking, of course, about Bobby Riggs, who in 1973 faced off against tennis legend Billie Jean King in the Battle of the Sexes, the story of which is coming to the big screen with help from Steve Carell and Emma Stone.

Battle of the Sexes seems to be a comedic take on a truly ridiculous (but also important) chapter of American history. That’s according to the new trailer for the movie that’s now online, which may have you scrambling to Wikipedia to see who won the match in real life, especially if you’re not old enough to remember it happening.

Check out the trailer for Battle of the Sexes below. The movie hits theaters on September 22nd, and for more you can bounce to its official site right here.

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