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Batteriser: Boost Your Batteries by 800%

by Joseph


Those batteries that power your remote controls, electric shavers or toothbrushes, radios, and God knows what else have a reputation for drying up fairly quickly. But there’s a new piece of technology that can enhance regular batteries and turn them into freakish super-batteries, and it’s deceptively simple to use. It’s the Batteriser, a small metal sleeve you wrap around a battery to increase its lifespan by up to 800%.

The Batteriser puts the estimated fraction of energy left behind by inefficient battery use (as high as 80% in some cases) to better use, giving one battery the power of eight. And it will be available in AA, AAA, C and D size compatible versions. It has environmental implications as well, cutting down on battery waste.

The world isn’t quite ready for the Batteriser, but you can get more information on it at the product’s official site here, where you can also sign up to be informed when it’s ready for purchase.

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