Home Entertainment ‘Batman: Gotham by Gaslamp’ – An Animated Batman Movie (Trailer)

‘Batman: Gotham by Gaslamp’ – An Animated Batman Movie (Trailer)

by Joseph
Batman: Gotham by Gaslamp

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Jack the Ripper is stalking late 19th century Gotham City, and only one man can stop him: Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. It’s recognizable enough but not a typical Batman story – because it’s Gotham by Gaslamp, a one-shot Elseworlds story that transplanted the Dark Knight into a Victorian setting. Now, it’s the source material for the upcoming animated feature Batman: Gotham by Gaslamp.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslamp has a new trailer out in advance of the film’s release next year, and features Batman in a steampunk-y environment matching wits with Jack the Ripper and slugging bad guys on board zeppelins and whatnot. Take a look at the trailer for yourself below:

Batman: Gotham by Gaslamp doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but according to the trailer’s accompanying copy will be out sometime in 2018. It’s also reported to be rated R, which does not bode well for the ladies of Gotham City 1889. Stay tuned for more specific release info in the near future.

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