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Basslet: A Wearable Subwoofer From Lofelt

by Joseph


Here we have yet another product that makes you wonder whether its inventor came up with its function or its name first. It’s the Basslet, a wearable subwoofer from a German brand called Lofelt that aims to bring that distinctive physical bass thump you get from a good set of speakers right to the user’s own wrist.

The Basslet is a two-piece system that syncs the bracelet up to whatever wireless audio source you want, and replicates bass frequencies on the spectrum between 10 Hz and up to 250 Hz. ¬†And only you will be able to hear or feel it working since it’s purported to be effectively silent to everyone but the wearer.

If you’re one of the “bass addicts” (not to be confused with baseheads, very different) that Lofelt hopes will want to use the Basslet, you can get more information on the brand’s site here, where you can also sign up for later release and pricing details as they become available.

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