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Bartesian: “The Ultimate Cocktail Machine”

by Joseph


If you think about it, it’s kind of weird that the alcoholic imbibers of the world haven’t gotten a machine that enables and rewards their efforts the way that coffee addicts have. But now, there’s what can only be described as a Keurig for cocktails, and it’s called the Bartesian, described by its makers as “the ultimate cocktail machine.”

Bartesian works by way of small liquid capsules that can be mixed with the user’s choice of alcohol (which is deposited in glass reservoirs located on both sides of the device). Your preferred strength and other specifications are followed exactly, as are any of the myriad cocktail recipes and combinations you can dream up.

The Baresian cocktail machine is still in its fundraising page on Kickstarter here, but unlike most of the Kickstarters we feature on this site, it still has a ways to go in achieving its fundraising goal.  So if you want to one day sample its delights, you better make your pledge now.  And pre-orders start at just under $250.

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