Home Entertainment ‘Barry’: Bill Hader is a Hitman Who Gets Into Acting (Trailer)

‘Barry’: Bill Hader is a Hitman Who Gets Into Acting (Trailer)

by Joseph


I used to think that the ultimate intersection between crime and show business could be found in the early sequence of Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, when Robert Downey Jr.’s character accidentally crashes an audition while running from the cops. An upcoming HBO comedy series starring Bill Hader looks like it might come close to that high-water mark, though – it’s called Barry. 

There’s a trailer for Barry now online, and it introduces us to Bill Hader’s Barry, a professional hit man who’s starting to feel a little bored and restless in his chosen career. Which makes it almost natural that he ends up bit by the acting bug after following a target to an acting class, headed up by Henry Winkler (presumably not playing himself). Check it out below:


Barry premieres on HBO on March 25th, and will hopefully be popular enough for someone to do a series based on Lawrence Block’s Keller books – now there’s a hit man who will never take an acting class.

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