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Barnato Bentley 42 Midnight Carbon Watch

by Joseph

breitling bentley barnato 42 watch

From Breitling for Bentley (which is watchmaker Breitling’s branch devoted to timepieces based on Bentley automobiles) comes their homage to the Barnato Bentley, appropriately named the Barnato Bentley 42 Midnight Carbon.

The watch, made from almost exclusively black materials, will be produced in a limited edition of only 1000 pieces. The larger-than-normal bezel is one of the most prominent Bentley-inspired aspects of the watch, taking its cues from the iconic Bentley radiator grilles. Price and availability haven’t been announced as of yet, so be sure to keep your feelers out there for more information if this is something you want on your wrist.

For more information on the Barnato Bentley 42 Midnight Carbon watch, click here.

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