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Bare Light: Transparent Glass Light Sockets

by Joseph
Bare Light

Bare Light

Some people just enjoy being able to see inside the stuff in their house, whether there are any moving parts to look at or not. The next time you’re visiting somebody like that, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you saw a bunch of bulbs attached to Bare Light sockets illuminating everything in the house.

The Bare Light takes the exposed filament that’s been en vogue in light bulbs for a while now and transfers it to a glass socket that’s transparent as well, suspended by a stylish cloth cord. In addition to giving you a peek at the interior guts of the socket, it also allows for better light refraction in spaces just above it.

Perhaps YOU are the person who values transparency in household objects, in which case the Bare Light socket might just be worth its $195 asking price at the Brendan Ravenhill online store right here. Bulbs, alas, are not included.

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