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BAPE x JAWS: ‘Jaws’ T-Shirts From A Bathing Ape (Pics)

by Joseph

We’re less than a month and a half from July 4th, otherwise known as Jaws Day.  And unless you want to get caught at the festivities without the proper gear, you’re going to want to know about the new line of  BAPE x JAWS Jaws tees from A Bathing Ape.

There are two different BAPE x JAWS t-shirt designs for the spring/summer 2016 season, each of them featuring Jaws and A Bathing Ape co-branding. One features the titular Bathing Ape inside the shark’s mouth as seen on the iconic one-sheet for Jaws, while the other simply places the Jaws and BAPE logos inside a big skeletal shark’s jaws.

Do a little shopping at Colette here, where you’ll find both BAPE x JAWS t-shirts (with a couple color variations thrown in) along with the rest of the BAPE spring/summer 2016 offerings. And you can take a look at both of the t-shirts in the gallery below.


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