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Banksy Unveils Olympics-Themed Artwork

by Joseph

Banksy Olympics

Mysterious street artist Banksy likes to do work centered on current events, so it makes sense that we’d start to see some of his work commenting on the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. So far, two have sprung up, and they’re both classic Banksy in the way they take an existing imagine and twist it slightly to make a completely different idea come to life.

Above you can see one, featuring a javelin thrower with a missile instead of a javelin.  And below is one featuring a pole vaulter jumping over a fence and on to a mattress. Did he put the mattress there, or did he paint the pole vaulter where the mattress is? I’m guessing the latter but Banksy is probably the only one who knows the real answer to that question.

Banksy Olympics

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