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BangFit: Pornhub Unveils Sexual Workout Regimen (Video)

by Joseph


The physical benefits of regular and rigorous sexual activity are pretty obvious, even if they’re not what usually get touted when people talk about physical fitness and exercise. But now, the people at Pornhub have unveiled a new fitness method that directly taps into the physical benefits of “sexercise.”  It’s called BangFit.

BangFit is kind of like the sexual equivalent of those home aerobics videos, but instead of stepping up and down on a piece of plastic you’re, uh, stepping up and down in a slightly more provocative way. It also requires a partner, but they always say it’s good to have a gym buddy to encourage you to stick to your fitness regimen, so I guess it makes sense.

You can see how BangFit works in the video below. And to begin your journey to physical fitness by way of pornography and social media, head over to the official BangFit site here.

Here’s the (possibly a little NSFW) video:

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