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Balthazar Robot Clock From MB&F (Video)

by Joseph


You may remember the Melchior Robot Clock from last year, particularly if you’re interested in humanoid robot timepieces. Now, MB&F is back with another entry in just that genre: Balthazar, who like his predecessor has a few interesting tricks up his sleeve for the wealthy and discerning clock or gadget collector.

Balthazar is a hefty 17 pounds and over a foot tall, and in addition to his time-telling duties his eyes are constantly on visible alert, moving in a continuous 20-second retrograde motion. He can run for up to 35 days without a recharge, and has a dual-hemisphere lunar phase indicator to boot. Best of all is his Man-E-Faces-like transformation function—so owning him is almost like owning two robot friends instead of just one.

If that doesn’t creep you out, you can see Balthazar in action in the video below, and stay tuned to the robot clock’s official page at the MB&F site here for eventual release details and pricing information.

Check out his shield!

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