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Balolo: Wood Covers for Your Electronics

by Joseph


Modern life is a sea of electronic equipment, most of it encased in harsh plastic that calls to mind nothing as much as Darth Vader’s own personal aesthetic. But maybe you’re looking to warm things up a bit – in which case there’s now Balolo, a German start-up that provides walnut coverings for myriad electronic devices.

Some of Balolo’s products include covers for a PlayStation 4 or its attached controllers, the Amazon Echo Dot, and a plethora of speakers and other home audio accessories from popular brands. There’s even a smartphone case designed for the Sony Xperia – and all of Balolo’s products are purportedly easy to install and built to last.

Get more information on Balolo – and, if you should so choose, do a little shopping – at the brand’s official site right here. Or, if you prefer to keep everything Vaderian inside your apartment, pretend you never saw this article and move on.

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