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Ballpark Diamonds From Stadium Graph

by Joseph
Ballpark Diamonds

Ballpark Diamonds

If you’re a hardcore baseball fan you have plenty of options for trumpeting that fact on your wall. But few of those options are as classy as these Stadium Graph Ballpark Diamonds – “heirloom-quality, laser-cut relief sculptures” of the baseball stadium of your choice (as seen from above).

Each of Stadium Graph’s Ballpark Diamonds are assembled by hand and made from a single layer of oak. They’re also encased in custom frames, and the overall impression is one of a wall piece that would look good almost anywhere, yet is distinctive enough to accrue some real sentimental value over time – and after all, baseball is the most sentimental sport in the world, which doesn’t hurt either.

Ballpark Diamonds are currently burning up Kickstarter right here, where you can order from a limited pool of stadium designs starting at $25. Or you could sit tight and wait for additional designs, which will probably be available soon.

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