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Ballistics Bench: Furniture Made From Old Ammunition Boxes

by Joseph
Ballistics Bench

If you want to fulfill some of your spaghetti western fantasies without actually endangering you, your family, or your stuff, you might want to consider the new Ballistics Bench by Oliver Apt. Each bench is repurposed from an old box that used to be used to store ammunition, and is now used to provide comfortable seating for you and your guests. Well, seating, anyway.

The Ballistics Bench might not provide much in the way of physical comfort, but in atmosphere it can’t be matched. Each one retains all of the original markings and warnings of its earlier life as an ammunition container, with the only additions being four steel legs propping it up to bench proportions.

As you might expect given its unusual construction, the Ballistics Bench is only available in a limited edition. And each one is priced at about $560 at the Oliver Apts. online store here. But for the much lower price of $0, you can check out a couple of photos of the bench in the gallery below, so enjoy:

Ballistics BenchBallistics Bench

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