Home Entertainment ‘Baller Support’: LaVar Ball Answers Twitter Questions for WIRED (Video)

‘Baller Support’: LaVar Ball Answers Twitter Questions for WIRED (Video)

by Joseph
Baller Support

Baller Support

You’re familiar with the recurring WIRED feature Tech Support, which features celebrities answering questions submitted via Twitter, correct? And you’re also familiar with LaVar Ball, one of the most entertaining personalities in sports broadcasting today, right? So you already know that the two are a natural pair, and so it is with a new series called Baller Support.

Baller Support sees Ball dishing out his trademark wisdom to a generous number of fans from Twitter. One surprising thing is that despite Ball’s bluster in the past he did not actually think to include himself on his own five-man dream team – and his answers appear for the most part to be sincere and true to life.

Check out Baller Support below, and unless I’m mistaken there appears to be the promise of future installments sometime later, so stay tuned to the WIRED YouTube channel here for more.

Here’s the video, stay Balling:

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