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Balanst Premium Wallet: Safeguard Your Privacy

by Joseph
Balanst Premium Wallet

Balanst Premium Wallet

If you’re looking for a new wallet or wallet upgrade, the Balanst Premium Wallet currently collecting funds on Kickstarter might be your best bet, provided you don’t mind replacing your current wallet with something that’s likely to be a lot more unorthodox than your typical hasty Father’s Day present.

The Balanst Premium Wallet has a design that’s totally different from the traditional bi-fold or tri-fold wallet, with all of your storage space for cards, cash, coins, and one key accessible via a single thumb-flick gesture. It’s also good for the aspiring paranoiac (or anybody who wants to be safe rather than sorry), outfitted with RFID-theft-preventing anodized aluminum. It looks more like a smartphone in shape and size than it does a wallet, so your Costanza-like pocket bulge may soon become a thing of the past.

The aforementioned crowdfunding campaign for the Balanst Premium Wallet can be found here, where pre-orders start at just under $80.

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