Home Entertainment ‘Balance’: Short Film Captures NYC Skyline via Drone (Video)

‘Balance’: Short Film Captures NYC Skyline via Drone (Video)

by Joseph


The New York City skyline is probably the most iconic and visually recognizable in the world, which also means it’s probably among the most photographed. But there’s always room for the truly creative to innovate, which is what filmmakers Brandon Bray and Tim Sessler have done with their short film Balance, which somehow manages to make New York City look brand new.

Balance achieves this with drone cameras and a tried-and-true cinematic effect, the fabled “Hitchcock zoom.” This involves dollying the camera forward or backward while zooming in the opposite direction.  You’ve seen it in a ton of movies and TV shows, but you’ve never seen it used like this.

Or at least you never have until you watch Balance, which you can do below. And for more from Tim Sessler (who apparently got Vimeo honors despite this being a collaboration), take a look at his official account on Vimeo right here.

Here’s the video:

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