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Bakeys: Edible Utensils by Narayana Peesapaty (Video)

by Joseph


Edible utensils haven’t really gotten a shot at mainstream usage, outside of gags and other novelties. But inventor Narayana Peesapaty has given the idea a serious stab with a product he refers to as Bakeys.

Bakeys are sporks, soup spoons, chopsticks, and the like that are made from a sturdy yet edible mixture of millet, rice, and wheat rather than wood, plastic, or metal. Their main competition is of course disposable flatware, which happens to be terrible for the environment after you throw it out — which, should you choose to do with Bakeys rather than eat them, will have little to no impact on the environment thanks to their harmless biodegradable nature.

But you probably won’t want to do that, at least not at first, judging by how tasty Bakeys look in the promotional video below:

Now for the bad news: Bakeys are only available in commercial bulk quantities of 10,000 units or more from the product’s official site right here, meaning you probably won’t be able to buy a pack for your home. But perhaps if the product takes off, you’ll start getting your takeout orders with them in the near future.

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