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Bagel: “The World’s Smartest Tape Measure”

by Joseph


“Hey, will that new cabinet you bought be able to fit through the doorway?” “I think so, but give me a second and I can check, I just need to get my Bagel.” It may sound like nonsense, but it’s not – it’s “the world’s smartest tape measure” that just so happens to share a name with a certain circular baked good.

The Bagel is designed to do everything a savvy individual can do with a tape measure, a pencil, and paper can do, but automatically and (most importantly) without the user having to do any math. Three modes (String, Wheel, and Remote) and a propriety sensor can measure anything, regardless of shape, and tag the measurements via voice command to be synced up with your smartphone.

There’s about three weeks left of the Bagel’s Kickstarter campaign right here, where you can see a lot more about what this smart tape measure can do. Pre-orders start at just under $50.

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