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Become a Bacon Subscriber With “Bacons of the World”

by Joseph
Bacons of the World

Bacons of the World

If you’ve grown bored with bacon-related gimmicks like Bacon Shaving Cream or Bacon Candy Canes, and want to reacquaint yourself with the actual meat itself, consider Bacons of the World.

Bacons of the World is essentially a bacon subscription service that sends you quarterly shipments containing 2.5 pounds of traditional American bacon along with 2.5 pounds of other varieties of bacon, like Pancetta, Guanciale, and English bacon.

How much does all that bacon cost? Just under $300, which will get you four 5-pound shipments of bacon sent to your home throughout the year. You can order it here. And it might sound expensive, but it’s cheaper than some kind of around-the-world bacon vacation, right?

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