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Bacon-Making Kit From Williams-Sonoma

by Joseph
Bacon-Making Kit

Bacon-Making Kit

We’re all familiar with the figure of speech “bring home the bacon,” but have you ever stopped to consider the implication of such an expression? It connotes that it’s practically impossible to make bacon at home, which is why you have to bring it home instead. But that implicit conventional wisdom has become just a little bit less true, thanks to the Bacon-Making Kit from Williams-Sonoma.

As its name suggests, the Bacon-Making Kit gives you everything you need, except 7-day aged pork belly, to make up some bacon in one simple package. That includes ingredients like cracked peppercorns and coconut sugar, a thermometer, and (of course) detailed instructions.

If you’re ready to start making your own bacon instead of just bringing it home or ordering it on a sandwich, you can get a Bacon-Making Kit from the Williams-Sonoma online store here, where it’s now available for the price of just under $40.

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