Home Entertainment ‘Backwater’: A Virtual Reality Experience Presented by MINI (Video)

‘Backwater’: A Virtual Reality Experience Presented by MINI (Video)

by Joseph


We’re living in an exciting period in which companies are just beginning to discover the potential for “virtual reality experiences” but the medium hasn’t become played out to the point of being tedious and boring. And so we have Backwater, a 360-degree short presented by MINI.

Backwater is a thriller about a guy who works as a smuggler or secret agent or something, pulling one last job before he gets out of the game for good. Surprisingly, it’s mostly a dialogue-driven piece, with only one real bit of action, so if you were hoping to play Children of Men, you’ll have to get your fix another way.

It’s still very much worth checking out, though, which you can do by watching (or experiencing) Backwater for yourself right here. And for more where that came from, or for other good video stuff from MINI, just take a look at the car brand’s official YouTube channel right here.

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