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Back Up Your Cell Signal With GoTenna (Video)

by Joseph


Losing your cell signal can range from annoying to straight-up disastrous, depending on the situation. But what is usually thought of as a constant is the notion that you can’t really do anything about it if it happens, especially if you’re confined to one location. But GoTenna is a way for you to always have a backup plan in these types of scenarios.

The GoTenna works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth and boosting your phone’s signal with low-frequency radio waves. You probably won’t be able to update your Instagram or check Facebook if you don’t have a good signal, but you will be able to make that potentially important text or phone call in a pinch.

GoTenna’s phone signal boosting power doesn’t come cheap, and each unit is priced at $150. But if you spend a lot of time in hazardous or low-signal areas, it might be worth it, so you can head to GoTenna’s website here to get one for yourself.

You can also see a video about GoTenna below:


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