Home Entertainment ‘Baby Driver’: New Edgar Wright Movie Has Trailer (Video)

‘Baby Driver’: New Edgar Wright Movie Has Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Baby Driver

Baby Driver

Members of the Edgar Wright cinema cult have had a long time to wait for the director’s next project, in part due to his having taken a brief detour through the Marvel Cinematic Universe wilderness before deciding it wasn’t for him. Now, the wait is almost over, with the release of a trailer for his upcoming action crime film Baby Driver.

The world can always use another good car chase movie, especially if it’s low on CGI and high on actual stunt work. But Baby Driver appears from the trailer to have an almost musical twist, since the titular Driver has a penchant for listening to music through earbuds while he works as the best getaway driver in the game.

That’s enough of a hook to get me in the theater, even if Wright weren’t involved.  But in case you still need selling, you can see the trailer for Baby Driver below. The movie itself babies into theaters this summer.

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