Home Tech & Gear B: A Remote-Controlled Flying Car (Video)

B: A Remote-Controlled Flying Car (Video)

by Joseph
B Remote-Controlled Flying Car

B Remote-Controlled Flying Car

We’re now more than 13 years past the year 2000, and flying cars still have not become as popular as we once thought they would be. But there is hope, in the form of the B—a remote-controlled flying car now being crowd-funded on Kickstarter.

The B works thanks to four individually powered propellers that allow the car to fly like a helicopter over obstacles that are too tough for its virtually indestructible 220 mm wheels. There’s also a built-in HD camera for good measure.

For more technical information on how the B remote-controlled flying car works, check out the project’s Kickstarter page here. You can also make a contribution towards the B’s fundraising goal.  But before you make a decision, you might want to check out the video below of the B in action (it starts flying at the 40-second mark).

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