Home Entertainment ‘INORI’: Music Video Uses Face-Tracking Projection Tech (Video)

‘INORI’: Music Video Uses Face-Tracking Projection Tech (Video)

by Joseph


A Japanese dance duo called AyaBambi are exploring some nifty advanced technology with assists from studio WOW and Technical and Creative Director Nobumichi Asai in a new video entitled INORI, the Japanese word for “Prayer.” The technology in question is face-tracking projection, which allows photorealistic images to be projected onto the performer’s faces for increasingly surreal effects.

INORI is definitely one of those situations where it makes more sense to just watch it than to try to figure out what the video is before you give it a look—especially since not counting the credits it’s only about a minute long. So why not take sixty seconds to have your mind blown on a Thursday afternoon?

If you liked that, good news: There’s plenty more where that came from at Asai’s Vimeo portfolio here, where you can see all sorts of cool stuff, much of it involving the same 3D face-mapping tech that produced the above video.

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