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Jawbone UP System Fitness Trackers (Video)

by Joseph

Jawbone UP System

The latest company to get on board the wearable fitness technology train is Jawbone, which has unveiled a new line of fitness trackers known collectively as the Jawbone UP System. The UP System includes wearable gadgets like the UP Move, the UP24, and the UP3, the latter billed as “the world’s most advanced tracker.”

All of the fitness trackers within the Jawbone UP System have their own strengths and weaknesses (even if the latter portion is only represented by the price tag), but it’s the new UP3 that impresses the most. Its sensors are so advanced that it knows automatically when you’re working out and tracks the exercise accordingly, and its battery will keep it going for up to a week in between charges.

You can get a lot more information on the Jawbone UP System, as well as order your own fitness tracker, from the Jawbone website here. And you can also see a short promotional video about the UP System, which will probably make you feel guilty about not exercising today, below.

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