Home Tech & Gear Awair: Smart Air Quality Control for the Home (Video)

Awair: Smart Air Quality Control for the Home (Video)

by Joseph


Air quality is a big deal when it comes to your own health and happiness, but unless you have a respiratory condition of some kind you’re probably not too concerned about it, especially inside your house. But you might just benefit from something like Awair, a new air purification system that uses smart technology to learn your routines and optimize your air accordingly.

Awair blows the average humidifier right out of the water by monitoring data on your allergies as well as your sleep patterns and other data points, and in conjunction with measurements of dust, humidity, temperature, and other airborne factors, it will forward tips on improving air quality to your smartphone. That, in addition to the unit’s heating and humidifying functions, will lead to better air – and presumably, a better life.

If you agree that air quality is a concern for everyone, you might want to head over to Awair’s official site here, where you can get a lot more information on what it can do and order yours for just under $150.

Here’s a video about Awair:


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