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Avya: A Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler

by Joseph
Avya via Uncrate

Avya via Uncrate

Whether it’s flu season, cold season, allergy season, it’s easier to tally up the portions of the calendar that don’t result in nasal congestion for big swaths of the population. New on Kickstarter is a device to help keep the ol’ nasal passages clear and functional: Avya from Aura Medical.

Avya is purported to be “the only truly effective portable nasal clearing device in the world,” and it works through the mystical properties of a saline solution that sends a medical grade nanopartical stream into the problem area with “proven, FDA cleared” technology. It’s supposed to hydrate and moisturize effectively enough for strong symptoms but also be safe enough for daily use – just be sure to find a private corner before you jam this thing up your nose.

Get a lot more info on Avya on Kickstarter right here, where pre-orders start at $150 and up, and there are 44 more days of fundraising left to go.

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