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Avocado Burger Buns: Tomorrow’s Food Trend

by Joseph
Avocado Burger Buns

Avocado Burger Buns

Now that America has finally gotten used to the idea of avocado on cheeseburgers, the time has come to foist the next avocado innovation on the burger-eaters of the world. And that duty has been taken up by food site FoodDeco‘s Colette Dike, with their introduction of avocado burger buns.

Dike’s avocado burger buns sandwich a veggie burger and various other trappings, but of course Dike has also posted photos of a chicken sandwich variant on FoodDeco. The avocado has been skinned and halved for ease of eating, but no matter what you put in between two avocado halves, one thing is immediately, perhaps even terrifyingly clear: That is a lot of avocado to eat at one time.

Avocado burger buns haven’t taken off to the point of you being able to order one at Wendy’s just yet, but you can check them out as well as more cool stuff at FoodDeco right here.


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