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Avocado Blended Frappuccino Comes to Starbucks Korea

by Joseph
Avocado Blended Frappuccino

Avocado Blended Frappuccino

I don’t know how many readers this site has in Korea, but there may be some Starbucks fanatics who are interested in all of the coffee chain’s international doings, in which case the Avocado Blended Frappuccino might be worth a few paragraphs.

The Avocado Blended Frappuccino was first introduced to Korean ‘Bucks locations about three years ago, but it’s making its seasonal return now, just in time for summer. It tastes like a particularly refreshing avocado beverage, with a dark avocado peel-like rim and a chocolate “pit” completing the illusion right on top. No word yet on whether it can also act as a guacamole substitute in a pinch.

If you’re thirsty for knowledge about the Starbucks Korea Avocado Blended Frappuccino but aren’t anywhere near a physical store location, you can take a look at the drink at the chain’s official site right here. And as always, keep those fingers crossed for a wider release of this delicacy.

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