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Avegant Glyph Headphones Have Built-In VR Helmet

by Joseph
Avegant Glyph

I think there’s a good chance that everyone reading this has, at one time or another in their lives, flipped their headphones over their eyes and pretended to be either Cyclops from the X-Men or LeVar Burton from Star Trek. Now, there’s a product that actually gives users a practical reason to do this – it’s the Avegant Glyph, a set of headphones with a virtual reality helmet built into the top.

The designers of the Avegant Glyph have sneaked a portable and sleek helmet for virtual reality programs (accessed by connecting to your smartphone or tablet) inside the band. As for the actual headphone component, they look strikingly similar to the famous Beats by Dre design, although hopefully not similar enough to invite a lawsuit.

You can see a few photos of the Avegant Glyph in the gallery below. And for more information on the headphones, which are currently set for release sometime in the fall, head over to the Avegant website here.

Here are the photos:

Avegant GlyphAvegant GlyphAvegant GlyphAvegant GlyphAvegant Glyph

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