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Automatic: A Smart Driving Assistant (Video)

by Joseph


Some people don’t realize it, but there are a ton of big and little things we could probably be doing better in the interest of keeping our cars running well and cheaply. In fact, many drivers could probably use a little man in the passenger seat telling them what to do, and Automatic is a new gadget that does just that (politely, I hope).

Automatic works by plugging into your car’s data port (which according to their website, most cars made after 1996 have). ¬†Once you do that, you’ll be getting real time information across an array of dimensions sent right to your phone. Your check engine light is now a lot more specific, for instance, and the app’s car locator system means you never have to worry about your car getting lost in one of those giant mall or airport parking lots.

For a lot more info on what Automatic can do, to find out whether it’s compatible with your vehicle, and to buy one for just around $100, head over to the product’s website here. And you can watch a promotional video about Automatic below:

(via Uncrate)

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