Home Entertainment Automatic Bullseye Dartboard Designed by Mark Rober (Video)

Automatic Bullseye Dartboard Designed by Mark Rober (Video)

by Joseph
Automatic Bullseye Dartboard

Automatic Bullseye Dartboard

I’m not sure what the point of a magic dartboard that makes sure you always throw bullseyes would actually be, given that it would be impossible to actually play a real game of darts with such a board. But it does make a hell of a party trick/science experiment, and literal rocket scientist and inventor Mark Rober was somehow able to pull off an automatic bullseye dartboard in his own home.

Rober’s automatic bullseye dartboard is the product of three years of tinkering and innovation, and the end result is a board that tracks the motion of oncoming darts in real time, moving to a point where a bullseye is assured before it arrives.

You’re probably not going to be seeing it in a Sharper Image or SkyMall (RIP) any time soon, but you can see Mark Rober’s automatic bullseye dartboard in action in the video below. And for more of Rober’s inventions, head over to his YouTube channel here.


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