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Autodromo Stradale Watches

by Joseph
Autodromo Stradale

Autodromo Stradale

Between 50 and 60 years ago is the generally acknowledged golden age of Italian sports cars, which makes it a fertile period of inspiration for various artists and brands. The latest is Autodromo, which has come out with a line of watches that are inspired by those very automobiles.

The new line of watches goes by the name Autodromo Stradale, and is made up of three different versions: Cream, grey, and black. The most distinguishing feature of all three is the 3D effect caused by the “floating” dial, which is designed to emulate the look of a car’s dashboard.

If you like the way the Autodromo Stradale looks in the gallery up at the top, you can buy yours now from the Autodromo online store here. All three colorways are priced for pre-order (they ship in September) at $875. That might sound like a lot for a watch, but for an Italian sports car it’s downright cheap.

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