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Aurora Station: An “Affordable” Space Resort from Orion Span

by Joseph
Aurora Station

Aurora Station

Orion Span is rushing into the space tourism field to fill the market vacuum of people who want to travel into space, but don’t want to spend the $20 million to $40 million it costs now to travel to the International Space StationAurora Station is the “affordable” alternative, priced at around $9.5 million for an all-inclusive 12-day stay in another vacuum: The cold, unforgiving vacuum of space.

If you’re worried that Aurora Station is the equivalent of a budget motel in space, fear not: Orion Span says the orbiting resort will feature the latest technology in comfort and automation. It will have space for up to four guests and two crew members, and if this doesn’t become the premise for a horror movie soon I don’t know what’s what.

You can get more information on Aurora Station, which if all goes to plan will expand with more condo-like spaces for space tourists into the next generation, here, where you can put down a $80,000 deposit for your own future space vacash’.

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