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Stay Safe With The AURA Breathalyzer (Video)

by Joseph
AURA Breathalyzer

AURA Breathalyzer

The market for personal breathalyzers must be strong, since there are quite a few of them available right now. But none of them look quite as good as the AURA Breathalyzer, which is said to be stylish enough that it “transcends social stigma to deliver a unique, classy fashion statement,” according to its creators.

The AURA lets you check your Blood Alcohol Content level in high style, since it looks like a small metal disc straight out of Minority Report. And it works with fuel cell sensors, which is the same technology that’s used in most law enforcement breathalyzers. That means that the AURA Breathalyzer is trustworthy, as well as stylish.

The AURA Breathalyzer has already more than doubled its fundraising goal at IndieGoGo here, but you can still contribute for the next three weeks. Then, all you have to do is blow your way to a more responsible lifestyle. And check out the AURA in action in the trendy ad below.

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