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Audi Designs E-Tron Spider Bike

by AnthonyP

Audi may be a company well known for its high-end luxury cars, but it’s planning to step into the bicycle arena with the release of the freshly designed E-Tron Spyder Bike.

This E-Tron Spider Bike incorporates 26″ wheels and a body made out of virtually indestructible carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. Unlike other bikes, you’d have trouble doing any sort of damage to it.

Also unlike other bikes, Audi’s E-Tron Spider Bike comes with an inverted seat for a more aerodynamic design.

If you pick up one of these, you’ll have the option of using standard manual pedals or switching to the electric option which puts out a modest 2.3 kilowatts to lessen your load.

We wouldn’t expect anything less from Audi.

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