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Atmotube Pollution Monitor Checks Surroundings for Pollutants (Video)

by Joseph


Remember on Star Trek (and a lot of other similar scifi type things), someone would always look at a monitor and say something like “the atmosphere reads as completely breathable, Captain?” Now, a real-life version of that technology is available to the inhabitants of our planet, with the appropriately futuristic name Atmotube.

The Atmotube is a portable pollution monitor that’s designed to be carried around everywhere the user goes. It’s always on alert for harmful pollutants in the air like carbon monoxide, and with its included smartphone app it can give you a finer analysis of the quality of the air you breathe throughout the day.

You can see the Atmotube in action in the promotional video below, and for even more information on the product just head to its official site here, which includes links to an IndieGoGo campaign where pre-orders start at $79, and shipments are scheduled for March of next year.

Here’s the video:

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