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Atlas: An All-In-One Fitness Tracker (Video)

by Joseph
Atlas Fitness Tracker

Atlas Fitness Tracker

As a general rule, fitness trackers tend to be restricted by their primary focus, meaning they can do one thing well but suffer in other areas of fitness tracking. One product that sets out to put the capabilities of several fitness trackers into one wearable package is the Atlas, which recently surpassed its IndieGoGo fundraising goal and still has more than two weeks left to go.

Some of the features of the Atlas fitness tracker include a heart rate monitor, tracking along the x, y, and z axes, and software that can tell if you’re cutting corners in your exercise. The idea behind all of it is to put the Atlas ahead of the average fitness tracker, which pretty much functions as a simple pedometer with some bells and whistles attached.

You can check out the Atlas on IndieGoGo here, where you still have some time to get in on the ground floor and pick up some discounts when the Atlas finally hits shelves.

You can also watch a video about the Atlas below.

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