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Atlanterhavsveien: Extremely Dangerous Road in Norway (Video)

by Joseph


To get from the island of Averøy to the Norwegian mainland, you have to take a road that is legendary for its danger but also its impressive views. A video from a few years back of this infamous stretch of road, called Atlanterhavsveien, is now making the rounds online, for all those too cowardly to travel it in person.

Of course, it’s not just cowardice that might prevent one from driving down Atlanterhavsveien — the fact that one doesn’t live in Norway could play a significant part as well. In any case, the road itself, named “Atlantic Ocean Road” in English, has quite a reputation, and watching the video is a good way to understand it without exposing your car to corrosive salt water.

You can check out Atlanterhavsveien in the video below. And if you have a long or otherwise annoying commute ahead of you this Friday afternoon or evening, it could serve as a good reminder that it could always be worse.

Here’s the video:


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