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ATILIUM Power Bank Looks Like Old-School Pager

by Joseph


There aren’t too many downsides to the extinction of the pager. Cell phones are unarguably more convenient and offer many more functions than a pager ever could, but there’s one thing they lack: The aesthetic value of a pager. ATILIUM is a way to recapture that value, since it’s a portable power bank that looks just like a pager you might have seen or even worn in the glorious 1990s.

ATILIUM is a retro 90s throwback, but it’s got most of the features such a power bank would be expected to have here in 2016. That includes 4400 mAh worth of capacity, an LCD screen, backlight, and ports for both standard and microUSB.  But even without all that stuff, come on.  It’s an excuse to carry around a pager-like device in 2016!

The appeal of such an idea is evidently limited, since ATILIUM has raised only a little over a third of its fundraising goal on Kickstarter here. But you can support it for the next two weeks if you’re one of the few who misses your old pager.

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