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Ataribox: Atari Announces New Console (Video)

by Joseph


It sounds like a joke, but a new console purportedly “years in the making” from those lovable misfits at Atari is supposed to be on the way, according to a new visual teaser first first unveiled by the company at E3. It’s called Ataribox, and given the craziness of the world today it would be just about right if it became a must-have.

For now, though, we don’t have much information at all on what Ataribox will be, except that it’s “coming soon” and that according to Atari CEO Fred Chesnais it will be PC-insipred. Will it play new games? Old games? Both? Time will tell.

As you’ll see in the teaser for Ataribox below, you can sign up to be alerted as soon as new details on the console are released at the product’s official site, which can incidentally be reached right here. Good luck, Atari.

Here’s the teaser:

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