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Atari VCS: Pre-Orders Being Accepted Now (Video)

by Joseph
Atari VCS

Atari VCS

I admit I haven’t been keeping a close eye on the development of Atari’s new home gaming console. The last time I wrote it up here it was apparently going by the name “Ataribox,” but at some point along the line it got a new name: The Atari VCS, which is now available for pre-order.

It won’t be out until next summer, but when it is the Atari VCS will be available in a standard black for $199, as well as a limited special edition with a wood finish for $299. Both versions will have all kinds of high-tech features that the original Atari 2600 would probably consider some kind of wicked sorcery.

You can get a lot more information on the Atari VCS in the snazzy introductory video below. And for more, head over to the console’s listing on IndieGoGo right here, which is currently where pre-orders as well as other crowdfunding incentives are being taken.

Here’s the video:

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