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Aston Martin One-77 Bicycle (Video)

by Joseph

Aston Martin Bike

The bikemakers at Factor Bikes have unveiled the Aston Martin One-77 bicycle – a brand new bicycle based on the famed Aston Martin supercar and the Factor001, which is considered by many cyclists to be the most technologically advanced bike ever made.

Shimano Dura-Ace shift levers are just one of the features housed by this awesome bike, along with LED lights , which are imbedded in both the seat tube and handlebars, and controlled by buttons attached to the brake levers. There’s also a  “motorsport-derived data logging system” which helps the cyclist keep track of all kinds of data, including speed, temperature, rate of climb, and even stuff like respiration rate and core temperature.

Want one? Better get in line – there are only going to be 77 bikes made, and each one will cost $39,000. For a closer look at what that kind of money will get you, check out the video below.

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