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Aston Martin DB10 Seen in Rome Driven by James Bond (Photos)

by Joseph
Aston Martin DB10

The relationship between Agent 007 and Aston Martin is probably the greatest partnership between a corporation and a fictional character of all time. So it’s cool to see that it’s apparently still strong, with Bond’s current actor Daniel Craig recently seen and photographed driving the new Aston Martin DB10 around the streets of Rome.

It’s hard to tell from the photos whether filming for the upcoming Bond adventure Spectre was going on while any of them were taken, but if there was it was pretty low-key, so it’s interesting to see Daniel Craig cutting such an unmistakably Bondian figure even when he’s just out for a drive. As for the Aston Martin DB10, it’s also cutting an interesting figure, although one that’s been a bit controversial among fans of the company.

You can see the photos of Daniel Craig/James Bond driving the new Aston Martin DB10 in the gallery below, courtesy of The Supercar Kids here. And Spectre is set to hit theaters this November.

Here’s the gallery:

Aston Martin DB10Aston Martin DB10Aston Martin DB10Aston Martin DB10

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