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Assolar SS-12 Laser-Sighted Tactical Slingshot

by Joseph
Assolar SS-12

Assolar SS-12

Just in time for a 21st century reboot of Dennis the Menace, with the character reimagined as some futuristic dystopian bounty hunter out to assassinate President Mister Wilson to avenge the murder of his parents, there’s the Assolar SS-12, billed as a “Multi-function Super Power Stainless Hunting Laser Slingshot, Hunting Bow with Adjustable Spring and Quality Rubber Bands.”

The Assolar SS-12 wrist-mounted slingshot that’s intended to be used as a serious hunting weapon rather than as the kind of toy the word “slingshot” generally draws associations with. And it does indeed have a laser sight for maximum accuracy, as well as a feature that allows it to be used as a bow and arrow as well.

You can order your own Assolar SS-12 from Amazon right here, where it’s currently priced at just a couple of pennies under $88. And if any Hollywood producers out there like my Dennis the Menace reboot idea, please contact me immediately.

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